Gastronomy is also a performance at the “Theatre". Each dish created by Alex Natadze, a young brand-chef gifted with the ability to improvise, is not just prepared food, it echoes the concept of the show and becomes an integral part of it. That's why, when planning a performance, the brand chef and a large team of cooks are also involved. Each appetizer, main course, and dessert become part of the character, style, and genre of each "Theatre" event.

Alex Natadze does not hide that the cuisine of "Theatre" is different from the traditional Georgian dishes of  "Tsiskvili" restaurants, however, the quality remains unchanged. The brand chef and his team have already managed to surprise the guests. People talked about the kitchen of the “Theatre”, and social networks were flooded with photos of the dishes. 

The goal has been achieved: gastronomy and presentation are in harmony. The conceptual gastro-theatrical premiere took place successfully.