About Us


“For 20 years, the “Tsiskvili Group” has been a leader in premium-class restaurant activities in Georgia. Ethno-Tsiskvili, Beer Square, Wine Yard, Tsiskvili in Mtskheta, Tsiskvili in Vake, Tsiskvili in Tskneti - all of these are outstanding restaurant spaces in Tbilisi and its surroundings. Additionally, the outstanding project ”Tsiskvili Bazari" gathers the best quality products in one space.


The last and special project is the "Theatre."

The “Theatre” is a new multifunctional space in Tbilisi with a completely new concept, the first in Georgia and Transcaucasia. It is a space where you can simultaneously experience a classic cabaret, see an American musical, enjoy opera and ballet performances, attend a concert and listen to the works of modern artists. Tourists can also discover Georgian cultural attractions accompanied by gastronomy. This multifunctional pavilion is constantly transformed and can host a variety of events. In a word, it is a space that offers creative freedom to create the environment you want."

Our Staff

Alex Natadze

Brand-chef of the "Theatre"

"Gastronomy is also a performance at the “Theatre". Each dish created by Alex Natadze, is not just prepared food, it echoes the concept of the show and becomes an integral part of it. That's why, when planning a performance, the brand chef and a large team of cooks are also involved. Each appetizer, main course, and dessert become part of the character, style, and genre of each "Theatre" event.
It is safe to assume that the conceptual gastro-theatrical premiere was a success."

Zaal Chikobava

Artistic Director of the "Theatre"

"The artistic director of the "Theatre" and the stage director of the performances is Zaal Chikobava. You will find many interesting details in his biography, which led him to this theatre with diverse aesthetics and content. As he notes, "Theatre" allows you to unleash your imagination and adapt to any style and genre of event. He compares this place to a hub for sharing new ideas, experiments, and experiences that is open to everyone. Therefore, every guest can easily find and love their own piece of theatre."

Davit Eradze

General Manager of the "Theatre"

The form of service at "Theatre" is of great importance. Imagine there are 400 guests in the hall and they all need to be served at the same time with an appetizer, a main course, and finally a dessert. Then an impressive movement from the kitchen to the tables begins. It is a different style of work, which comes with great responsibility and adrenaline. However,  general manager of the “Theatre”, Davit Eradze, who also administers the direction of the service, along with his amazing team, handles this job in the best way.


"Dining Theatre" or "Show and Dinner" is a concept that has garnered attention for being simple at first glance, but difficult to execute. At its core, it requires equal attention to the show, gastronomy, and service. The “Tsiskvili Group" took a risk to do something different and new, a concept that many have heard of but no one had implemented before.

As we have already said, three points are needed for all this: show, gastronomy and service. And it is crucial to have a large team of professionals who create every detail and nuance simultaneously, in sync, in an organized manner

  what happens in the “Theatre"?

   •American musical
   •Georgian cultural program
   •Corporate parties
   •Private parties/weddings

"Theatre" contributed to the birth of a new genre, and this space has become a favourite place of Georgian and foreign spectators, where they will be able to add a special bohemian adventure to their memories.