"Theatre" is a new multifunctional space and cultural attraction of "Tsiskvili Group" in Georgia

"DINING THEATRE", "SHOW AND DINNER" i.e. "performance with dinner"

The Theatre may host:

  • Corporate evening
  • Closed party
  • Wedding
  • Brand presentation
  • Training/Conference
  • American/Georgian musical accompanied by dinner
  • Cabaret/Restaurant Days

Wedding/Private Event

In addition to various shows, "Theatre" has successfully hosted numerous exceptional private events. This space is renowned for its gastronomy, entertainment, service, design, and architecture, all of which are overseen by a dedicated team of professionals.     

Organizing a Wedding

Concept: Traditional Georgian, European, Exclusive
Visual Space: Arrangement of Tables, Decor
Presenters: The most famous and distinguished presenters to guide you on your special day.
Music Program:
• Georgian and foreign music selection
• Special program with specially created and recorded musical numbers
• Live band or ensemble
• Karaoke
Choreographic Program:
• Dance lessons for the couple
• Special choreography numbers
• Dance performances set to specially composed songs
• Staged dance performances involving all guests
Makeup, Hairstyle, Clothing: Unique and individual outfits for both, the bride and groom
Signing Ceremony: Can be held in the theater or in the open space of the "Tsiskvili."
Videography: Comprehensive video service with multiple cameras
Photo Credit: Capturing the best moments of your special day
Pyrotechnic Service: Impressive and diverse fireworks display
Transportation Services: Tailored transportation services to meet your specific needs, in terms of quantity and type.

For details : +995 577 00 08 88


Menu for your event

Technical characteristics of the Theatre

    The space is designed for 400 guests:
   • First floor - 32 pcs. 10-person table
   • Mezzanine floor - 8 pcs. 10-person table

Theatrical arrangement (conference, awarding, etc.): 700 chairs for guests and buffet space on two floors
Buffet and cocktail tables: 1200 guests
Space inventory:
   • Round table - tables for 2-4-6-10 people
   • Square table - tables for 2-4-6-10 people

Tablecloth: White, beige, black velvet

Theatre technical equipment

Lighting and hardware:
The most important role in the "Theatre" equipment is given to lighting. Modern equipment allows creating all kinds of environments and situations

The equipment includes:
    • scanners
    • washes
    • spots
    • profiles
    • pixel bars
    • Projection screen-Heizer
    • lighting control panel-grandMA2

Voice: A concert line array system-type audio system is used in the space. The stage is equipped with equipment for audio monitoring and appropriate voicing of instruments