"Echo" of music and news of Tbilisi

28 JUN 21:00

The “Tsiskvili's Theatre” presents a series of musical evenings from the 'Echo' project. Exclusively for the Theatre's audience, the new project will combine music from different eras, styles, and genres. With artistic, charismatic, and spectacular staging, alongside modern echoes, it will take you on a journey into the world of Georgian and world music.

June 28th, at 20:00, the evening will be dedicated to Tbilisi.

In the background of old Tbilisi's tunes, urban melodies, and Tbilisi's songs, writer Dato Turashvili will tell the unknown stories of the city and its people:

  • How a once-bored, feast weary city found new entertainment with opera;
  • Exploring the musical connection between Naples and ancient Tbilisi;
  • How Alexandre Dumas made Georgian people drunk and how he walked the streets of Paris dressed in a Georgian National "Chokha";
  • Fidel Castro in love with a Georgian woman and rejected as a sun in low;
  • The history of Tbilisi fashion and the life stories of the people who created the fashion;
  • Who brought the first jeans to Tbilisi and Georgia;
  • How the tram appeared in Tbilisi and why the boys of that time asked girls on dates at tram stops;
  • Why did Nikita Khrushchev come to Georgia when he was not welcome in Tbilisi, and what idea did the Secretary of the CCCR come up with regarding Khinkali tails;
  • What kind of women did Georgian poets and writers like;
  • Hilarious stories from Tbilisi's top restaurants and hotels;
  • And many other unknown stories from Tbilisi's history;


• Presenter: writer Davit Turashvili

• Tsira Kobiashvili
• Ana Uznadze
• Quartet “Melorama”

• Musicians: Davit Kavtaradze, Davit Ratiani, Tamaz Mamaladze

Creative team:

• Project Author: Giorgi Asanishvili
• Directors: Zaza Orashvili, Giorgi Dekanoidze
• Producers: Nincho Firtskhalava, Salome Bendianishvili, Vakho Khvichia

• Art Director of the "Theatre" - Zaal Chikobava

Ticket price:
I Floor- 80 Gel
Balcony - 70 Gel
The ticket price includes admission to the event

• After purchasing the tickets, the theatre's manager will contact you to choose the table location and menu

• For detailed information and menu pre-orders: 032 2 88 88 80

• Please note - purchased tickets are non-refundable!

The restaurant opens at 19:00, and the program starts at 20:00.
Address: Beliashvili 99.