Experience the musical Chicago in Georgia! Travel back to 20th-century America and enjoy a delightful dinner!


"An impressive stage, live songs, unforgettable choreography, a stellar cast, amazing costumes, and wonderful food – the Theatre season opened with the legendary musical "Chicago"!

Official license for the legendary musical, "Chicago" was secured by the "Tsiskvili Group" from the renowned theater company CONCORD THEATRICALS. "Chicago" is presented and sponsored by "Archi," a leading development company in Georgia that consistently supports innovative projects in culture and various other fields.

"Theatre" has successfully executed another large-scale project in the form of "Chicago." This is a highly intricate musical that our team of professionals dedicated substantial effort to bring to the stage. In the end, we managed to meticulously refine all its aspects, ensuring high quality in every facet, from the script, choreography, and music, to costumes, lighting, and the creation of the right atmosphere. We are delighted that the audience has already witnessed the results of our hard work and provided us with positive feedback," stated Zaal Chikobava, the Artistic Director of "Theatre" and the Stage Director of "Chicago."

"Chicago" is a sharp satire in which the culture of that era is well reflected – corruption, crime, "blood," and spectacle-seeking media. At the same time, the story of the main character women develops during the period of the rise of jazz and the rethinking of gender roles. That's why "Chicago" is not only a show that makes an unforgettable impression on the audience but also a way to get to know the era of the 1920s, observe it, and perhaps draw parallels with the present day," says the author and screenwriter of the Georgian text of "Chicago," Tea Kipshidze.

Frequent guests of the "Theatre" are already well aware that the dinner for each performance is carefully prepared, especially according to the character and genre of the show. "Chicago" is no exception; therefore, the dishes prepared for it will be as impressive and memorable as the show itself.

"The appetizer of the first set of our menu is a salmon roll, which expresses the character of the presentation well. You can feel both sourness and saltiness in it, and it creates an interesting background of flavors. It has a crunchy texture and contains details of molecular gastronomy," says Alex Natadze, Brand Chef of "Tsiskvili Group."

During the dinner, guests were entertained with complimentary, appetizer, a main course, and dessert. Slow-cooker veal, eggplant gyoza, smoked pumpkin puree, walnut crumble with wasabi – the audience of the musical "Chicago" will be able to taste these and other foreign flavors in "Theatre." In addition, those who wish can choose the vegan menu, which is also distinguished by interesting combinations of ingredients and unique tastes.

It should be noted that "Theatre" will offer its guests, in addition to impressive performances, other novelties in the new season. A cabaret-restaurant will soon be opened in the multifunctional space.

"Starting from September 28, the guests of Tsiskvili Group's "Theatre" will be welcomed by a cabaret-restaurant, where we will receive those who wish on a daily basis. In this case, it is not necessary to buy a ticket; it is enough to reserve a table and a place. You will be able to order the desired dishes, and we will always welcome you with interesting and entertaining performances on the stage," says Anano Tavkhelidze, head of marketing of "Tsiskvili Group."

As for "Chicago," you will be able to see it until the end of the year on October 6, 24, as well as on November 7, 21, and December 5. Soon, the 2024 calendar will be announced.

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