Costume Design - The Visual Side of Theatre Shows in Tbilisi


The unique concept of "Dining Theatre" involves combining a theatrical performance with dinner. It is a form of art that requires a careful balance of three critical elements: show, gastronomy, and service. The "Tsiskvili Group" has been planning for a long time to make the idea of "Dining Theatre" a reality in Georgia, and precisely for this reason, the multifunctional space "Theatre" was created.

The secret of the success of "Theatre" lies in the perfect mix of the above-mentioned show, gastronomy, and service. One of the main parts of the show is costume design. The artistic side of the "Theatre" is largely based on the aesthetics of the costumes, and this direction is led by the designer Lasha Jokhadze at the "Theatre".

Costume Design: The Heart of a Theatre Show

In a theatrical performance, costumes are much more than simple clothes. They are a vital means of conveying character, era, and mood. In "Dining Theatre", the role of costume design is even more important because it should fit both the specifics of the show and complement the general atmosphere of the environment. This requires a deep understanding of both the theatrical and culinary arts, as the visual appeal of the costumes must match the sensory experience of the food.

A new and interesting environment attracted designer Lasha Jokhadze to the "Theatre". As he says, the "Theatre" is truly unique, and he wanted to be a part of it all.

Musical in the space of "Chicago" "Theatre".

Lasha Jokhadze is the costume designer of "Chicago". The "Tsiskvili" group acquired the official license of "Chicago" from the world-famous theater company CONCORD THEATRICALS.

The musical is based on the 1926 play of the same name by Maureen Dallas Watkins. The work perfectly expresses the America of that time and tells real stories. Watkins was a reporter for the crime department of the Chicago Tribune, who used crime chronicle stories as a plot.

The author used real people as prototypes of the main characters. Killer Women of Chicago Belva Gartner and Beulah Annan. "Chicago" is a kind of circus with the most impressive performances and spectacles, clowns and marionettes, fake love, and real hate.

Around the world, the musical has a record - more than 32,500 performances and more than 32 million viewers. With the help of the "Tsiskvili Group", it became possible to see "Chicago" in Georgia.

Costumes play an important role in bringing this legendary musical to life. The Tsiskvili Group's and Theatre's dedication to authenticity and detail is evident when looking at the handcrafted costumes that reflect the characters' unique personalities and stories. The stark contrast between Roxy's soft, romantic attire and Velma's bold, avant-garde attire is a testament to the meticulous work of the costume designers.

About 50 costumes were created for the musical "Chicago", and of course, everything was done by hand, which requires a lot of time. Corset silhouettes and forms of the period are perfectly depicted in the costumes of the characters.

Role of Costume Designers in Dining Theatre

Costume designers work in unison with the chefs, wait staff, artistic director, and actors to make everything come together and create an unforgettable experience for the audience.

Designers must also consider practical aspects such as the active movement of the actors, the interaction between the performers and the audience, and the comfort of the actors without compromising the visual impact of their costumes.

In conclusion, costume design in dining theatre is a multifaceted challenge that goes beyond the specifics of traditional theater. It's about creating a holistic experience in which the visual aesthetics of the show blend seamlessly with the atmosphere of the gastronomic environment. The entry of the "Tsiskvili Group" into this concept is not only a step towards diversifying the theatrical experience but also proves the limitless possibilities when different art forms are combined to create something truly extraordinary.

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