Performance that Is a Unique Experience for Anyone Traveling in Georgia


If you would like to get to know the history and cultural heritage of Georgia while also enjoying one of the best examples of its music and choreography, then you must attend a performance of The Theatre’s new show, The Georgian Show. The performance brings the centuries-long history of Georgia to life and introduces the culture and cuisine to the guests in the audience in a unique way.

One of the main participants in The Georgian Show is Sukhishvili, the world-famous national ballet. Guests will have the opportunity to see their dancers perform Khorumi, Lazuri, Mkhedruli, Apkhazuri, Samaia, and other amazing, ancient pieces of Georgian choreography. The Theatre choir will also acquaint the audience with Georgian hymns and unique folklore songs, such as Chakrulo, Mravalzhamieri, Mukhambazi, and Asho Chela. One of the participants in the performance is the outstanding Georgian singer, Mariam Roinishvili, who, along with The Theatre choir, will perform Georgian classical songs for the guests.

The numbers performed at The Georgian Show are connected to each other with texts written by the famous Georgian writer, Aka Morchiladze, to create a unified history of the country. The texts tell the audience about the first inhabitants of Georgia, the Christianization of the country, the creation of its alphabet, the battles it has fought, and its victories, all in artistic fashion.

The performance is supplemented with audio-visual installations that make the spectacle even more impressive.

“As part of the conceit of The Theatre, we try to present something which displays part of our culture and our identity to the audience. This principle guides everything we put on, no matter the genre. The Georgian Show, however, combines every aspect of our culture – choreography, folklore, polyphonic singing, classical music, and clothing – into one thing, telling them about Georgia in a new way.

I hope that the fruits of the labor of our creative group will please both Georgians and international guests,” says the artistic director of The Theatre and director of The Georgian Show, Zaal Chikobava.

The "Theatre" is based on the idea of a dining theater, meaning that the performances put on in at place are accompanied by dinner. The Georgian Show is no exception, although, in that case, the menu was created in accordance with the demands of Georgian cuisine.

“A complete understanding of Georgia is unthinkable without the cuisine of our country, which is why The Georgian Show treats its guests to delicious Georgian food. We chose the menu for the performance with especial care, bringing together authentic Georgian tastes. The dishes are presented to the audience in a new and modern fashion,” says the brand-chef of The Theatre, Alex Natadze.

So, The Georgian Show is an exceptional opportunity for not just locals, but also for tourists who want to travel through Georgia in a unique way and have a unique experience along with it.

The Georgian Show accepts guests every Tuesday at The Theatre, which is located at 99 Beliashvili St., in Tbilisi.

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