Georgian Show


If you're eager to acquire knowledge of Georgian history and cultural heritage or indulge in the finest musical and choreographic performances, you will soon have an extraordinary opportunity to do so. The multi-functional space “Theatre” offers guests a new and unique production called the "Georgian Show." This performance will bring alive the centuries-old history and culture of Georgia with the participation of leading artists and the “Georgian national ballet Sukhishvili”.
Live performances of iconic Georgian folk and classical songs such as "Shen Khar Venakhi," "Chakrulo," "Mravalzhamieri," "Mukhambazi," and more will be presented at the show. The Georgian National Ballet "Sukhishvili" will showcase their finest choreography at the "Theatre" space. The writer, Aka Morchiladze has been involved in the staging process and especially worked on the scripts for the "Georgian Show". The performance will be enhanced with audiovisual installations, which will make it even more impressive.
"Based on the “Theatre’s” concept, we aim to present to our guests a part of our culture and an expression of our identity. This is the underlying theme in all our productions, regardless of the genre. The Georgian Show brings together various aspects of our culture, including choreography, folklore, polyphonic songs, classical music, and traditional clothing, all in one space. It unites and tells the story of Georgia in a new way. The Georgian Show will be outstanding due to its high-quality staging, featuring the participation of the finest representatives of Georgian culture. “The latest technical equipment in the “Theatre” also contributes to the perfection of the performance," says Zaal Chikobava, the artistic director of the “Theatre” and director of the “Georgian Show”.
In the “Theatre”, guests will be treated to a gastronomic dinner, presenting the best dishes and authentic flavors of Georgian cuisine.
"The dinner in the Georgian Show holds great significance, as it is impossible to fully study Georgia without indulging in our unique cuisine. Traditionally, the dishes will specially be selected for this day and will be presented in a modern way" says Alex Natadze, the brand-chef of the “Theatre”.
The new performance of the “Theatre”, the “Georgian Show”, will be the best opportunity for foreign guests to learn about the country's history, cultural and gastronomic heritage, and embrace the local values. The show will also captivate Georgian guests with its different format and modern audiovisual graphic decorations, promising a new and unique experience of journeying through the history of Georgia.
The premiere of the Georgian Show will take place on June 6, and the “Theatre” will offer this unique spectacle to its guests every Tuesday.

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