From Chicago to Tbilisi - the musical is in Georgia - how did it become legend of a genre?


"On September 20 and 21, "Chicago," was presented to the Georgian audience. It is a musical whose captivating storytelling and choreographic-musical numbers have left an indelible mark on audiences for over half a century. The "Tsiskvili Group" secured the official license for "Chicago" directly from the theater company “Concord Theatricals”, while the creative team at the multifunctional venue known as "Theatre" worked tirelessly on its staging.

Before you become a part of one of the biggest shows of recent times, let us take you through the rich history of "Chicago" and introduce you to the reasons that have elevated this musical to a legend of the genre.

"Chicago" - A Musical with a Longest History

"Chicago" made its debut in New York on Broadway in 1975. Since then, it has graced stages in nearly every corner of the world, with performances in over 36 countries and an audience exceeding 32 million viewers. In 2002, a wider audience experienced "Chicago" through a film adaptation directed by Rob Marshall, featuring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renée Zellweger, which earned the title of Picture of the Year at the Oscars.

The musical "Chicago" has received numerous prestigious Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Best Direction, and Best Choreography.

Based on Real Facts and Characters

The musical "Chicago" draws its inspiration from a play written in 1926 by Maureen Dallas Watkins, a crime reporter for the Chicago Tribune who actively covered the trials of her time. Among these trials were those of two exceptionally intriguing women: Belva Gartner and Beulah Annan. Watkins adapted their true stories and portrayed them as the central characters in her work. Belva, accused of murdering her husband and sister, takes on the role of Velma Kelly in Watkins' creation, while Beulah, arrested for the murder of her lover, becomes Roxy Hart.

Incorporating real individuals and narratives, the musical provides an authentic portrayal of 1920s Chicago, depicting the legal system, media, societal values, and prevailing trends of the era in remarkable detail.

Universal Themes and Cultural Relevance

Themes such as corruption, scandal-hungry media, a malleable justice system, people's relentless pursuit of success, and the fine line between morality and immorality lie at the core of "Chicago." These themes transcend geographical and temporal boundaries. While "Chicago" paints a vivid picture of American society in the 1920s, the stories it tells remain pertinent and relatable in the modern era and across diverse cultures. This universality is another reason why "Chicago" continues to leave a profound impression on people from different eras and backgrounds.

Unique Choreography and Music

"Chicago" features choreography by Bob Fosse, one of the most influential and distinctive choreographers and dancers in the history of American theater. Fosse's unique style conveys characters' emotions, moods, and even words through movements and gestures, without the need for dialogue.

Equally remarkable is the musical score composed by John Kander and featuring lyrics by Fred Ebb. Memorable melodies, satirical and darkly humorous lyrics, and a distinctive choreographic style combine to give "Chicago" its signature flair, elevating the musical to new heights.

From Chicago to Tbilisi - A Musical in Georgia

Georgia has now made its mark on the map of "Chicago," with Georgian audiences joining the millions worldwide who have experienced the magic of this musical. Henceforth, anyone who wishes can immerse themselves in the iconic choreography and music of "Chicago," journey back to 20th-century America, and draw parallels with the present day within the walls of the "Theatre" venue. During the performance, guests can also savor dishes specially crafted to complement the show.

The upcoming performances of "Chicago" will be showcased at the "Theatre" on October 6 and 24."

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