How dishes become part of the show - Dining Theater of Tsiskvili Group


The "Tsiskvili Group" has recently opened a multifunctional space with a unique concept called "Theatre". In addition to the performance, guests are offered an extraordinary dinner, that differs it from traditional theatre.

A space with a similar concept, known as “Dining Theater” in the West, was created for the first time in Georgia and promises guests to have a completely unique experience.

According to Alex Natadze, Brand Chef of "Tsiskvili Group" and "Theatre", gastronomy is as crucial as the performance itself in "Theatre". This means that both components are presented at an equally high level, and dishes are part of the show by creating a menu that complements the content, character, and genre of each event.

The dishes presented in "Theatre" differ from those served in "Tsiskvili" restaurants. The new space's kitchen is very innovative, experimental, and free. While the dishes in "Tsiskvili" restaurants are mainly based on traditional Georgian cuisine, the "Theatre" kitchen offers traditional and new interpretations. Based on its concept, the "Theatre" offers more opportunities to experiment with dishes and offer innovative culinary experiences while maintaining the high-quality standard of "Tsiskvili" restaurants.

According to Alex Natadze, the Brand Chef of "Theatre," there are two challenges in running such a concept kitchen. The first is creating independent menus for each event and constantly transforming and updating them. The second challenge is hosting a large number of guests simultaneously, given that the hall can accommodate up to 400 guests. This requires a different working principle, but the process is thrilling and exciting for him and his team.

"I am delighted that we have managed to create a unique and distinctive space like 'Theatre.' I will strive to make our kitchen as amazing and memorable for the guests as the performances held here," says Alex Natadze.

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