Space for private parties - "Theatre"

კერძო წვეულება თბილისში

"Theatre" offers a unique opportunity to those who want to host a private party in a different environment.

The multifunctional space is intended for various closed events, whether it is a business meeting, a corporate evening, a birthday, a wedding, or something else.

Artistic decoration of a private party:

You can choose the music and which band, artist, or singer will participate in the event. Our team takes upon itself the organization of the technical and creative side of the show.

Each new musical and production is a new challenge for Tsiskvili Chikobava and the whole troupe in general. In order for the show to become an unforgettable experience, it is necessary to work on a daily basis. The creative process is always very busy, and many artists take part in it: musicians, dancers, screenwriters, actors, song and lyric writers, costume designers, and many other people who are loved and known by everyone. All of them rise to offer the guest a completely new show.

"Theatre" Technical Equipment

"Theatre" space meets all standards and is equipped with ultra-modern equipment. The quality of lighting and sound is crucial for the show to run perfectly and for the audience to enjoy the event to the fullest.

The technical equipment of the "Theatre" allows any type of private party to be held here - both a classical concert and a modern party and even a DJ set.

Audio systems were selected, taking into account the architecture of the hall. The equipment is distributed in such a way that the space is used as much as possible, and the sound is perfectly distributed in all areas.

"Theatre" is equipped with a modern concert line array system-type audio system. In addition to the fact that this equipment is of the highest quality, it is exactly suitable for the architecture and musical concept of the "Theatre."

The line array system has many outstanding features. To ensure perfect sound distribution, an appropriate dispersion angle is required - maximum horizontal and minimum vertical dispersion.

To effectively voice the entire space of the "Theatre" and the balconies between them, we use the appropriate format, "loudspeakers."

A team of professionals ensures the technical management and staging of all this.

An Exclusive Menu Tailored for a Private Party

"Theatre" is based on the Dining Theatre concept, and therefore, one of the most important parts of every event is dinner.

In the "Theatre," we care about the quality of the dishes as well as the content, and we can safely say that dinner is also part of the show. A unique menu is created for every performance and is adjusted to the content of the event as much as possible.

To reserve a space and for detailed information, contact us at the number: 32 2 88 88 00.

    To reserve a wedding, corporate, or private event, please contact us at 032 2 88 88 80