How to buy "Theatre" tickets online


Theatre tickets can be purchased at at any time. The e-commerce platform is optimized for user experience, and purchasing a ticket is quite easy.

First, you need to register on our website. After completing this procedure, you will proceed to the desired event, where you will find a virtual map that will help you better understand the space and select the desired table.

After selecting the seats, the "Choose menu" button will appear on the right, and you can select the desired set. The theatre's menu is prepared by the brand chef and the team of cooks according to the event. In this case, two types of sets were created especially for "Chicago" - standard and vegan.

In addition to buying theatre tickets and booking tables, the E-commerce platform also provides a calendar of events, corporate offers, blogs, and news.

While working on the technical side of, we took international standards into account. Thanks to modern approaches, the platform works properly and, most importantly, is as safe as possible for users.

The site is Mobile-Friendly and adapts smoothly to different screen sizes and resolutions. Therefore, navigation on the site is very convenient from mobile devices, and you can buy tickets without any problems.

Our goal was to make buying theatre tickets and table reservations as easy as possible, so we chose a design and user interface that would suit our target audience. Finally, we agreed on a simple and minimalistic design.

Tickets are not sold for some events. In this case, to reserve a table and for additional information, contact us at the number: 032 2 88 88 80, and we will inform you in detail.

    To reserve a wedding, corporate, or private event, please contact us at 032 2 88 88 80