New Year Event in "Theatre"


Experience the most dazzling, pompous, and spectacular New Year's show in the Theatre at "Tsiskvili’s Theatre" on December 31.

This multifunctional space, known for surprising guests, presents a special and impressive show program for New Year's Eve called Broadway Night. This production promises to be as bright, spectacular, and pompous as the New Year itself, combining various numbers of different genres to take guests on a journey through different eras.

Celebrate a New Year's Eve in Tbilisi

On the night of December 31st, a stellar troupe of actors, singers, and dancers will perform excerpts from legendary musicals like "Here We Are - Mama Mia!" and "Chicago." The "Tsiskvili’s Theatre" will bring to life the most popular choreographic and musical numbers in the history of Broadway. Additionally, a variety of New Year-themed compositions will be performed, culminating in a 4-hour show ending with a dedicated DJ performance.

“It is very important where, with whom, and in what environment you spend New Year's Eve Theatre has proven that every performance or evening is a big holiday here, and the New Year will be no exception. Our amazing troupe will craft an incredible story you won't see anywhere else." - Zaal Chikobava, artistic director of the Theatre and stage director of the performance

On New Year's Eve - Broadway Night, beloved Georgian stars will take part. The evening will be hosted by 10 presenters, including Mariam Roinishvili, Ana Kurtubadze, Mariko Ebralidze, Andria Gvelesiani, Jeji Skhirtladze, Ana Zambakhidze, Nikusha Khrikul, Nikoloz Chkadua.

The musical and choreographic numbers will feature a talented ensemble, including Tinatin Tsuladze, Ana Tsereteli, Mariam Roinishvili, Ana Kurtubadze, Mariko Ebralidze, Andria Gvelesiani, Jeji Skhirtladze, Ana Zambakhidze, Tamta Shalamberidze, Ana Gvantseladze, Tekla Sulakvelidze, Giga Shurghaia, Giorgi Kakalashvili, Luka Khechumashvili, Nikusha Khrikul, Nikoloz Chkadua, Andria Zakaraia, Tsotne Bliadze, Rati Bliadze, Giorgi Sutidze, Andro Melkumov, Teona Kochlamazashvili, Tamuna Abesadze, Natashka Iashvili, Barbare Chikovani, Ani Shubladze, Tamta Gasishvili, Nini Chachibaia.

In addition to the spectacular show, a delicious dinner will be prepared by brand chef Alex Natadze and the chefs of Tsiskvili’s Theatre throughout the night.

"I believe that the impressive and unique show program we have planned for New Year's in the Theatre will be one of the most memorable experiences for our guests. We've dedicated considerable time to ensure that every detail is meticulously calculated and refined to create the perfect evening. The musical director of the event is Tamuna Archvadze, and the choreographer is Giorgi Toriashvili. The script was crafted by Tea Kipshidze, and Irina Sanikidze created the Georgian text for the songs."

"The special New Year's program prepared by the Theatre will make your New Year even more beautiful and bright, so we recommend booking your tickets in advance. I would also like to mention that a 15% discount is available for the users of the TBC concept on the website," says Anano Tavkhelidze, head of marketing at Tsiskvili Group.

For more information about the program, the creative group, and the dinner menu, visit the New Year's Event Page. For detailed information, call +995 577 000 888.

Get ready for an unforgettable night and the best start to 2024!

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