Gigi Dedalamazishvili


Gigi Dedalamazishvili is a member and leader of the well-known band "Mgzavrebi." On the stage of "Theatre," he adapted to an acting role quite successfully. Gigi took part in such famous musicals as "Chicago" and "Mama Mia," and, as he says, gained an unforgettable experience.

Gigi, listeners have known you for a long time from "Mgzavrebi," but probably not many people know that you are an actor by profession. What made you decide to pursue acting in addition to your successful music career? And how was your return to the big stage in this role?

The return was unexpected because I never thought in my life that after 15 years I would return to the stage as an actor. Zaal Chikobava brought me back to the stage as an actor, and now I am very happy. At first, it was difficult for me because the process of adaptation was challenging. But then it became easier.

"Theatre" is a completely new concept in Georgian reality. What attracted you to this space the most?

Due to its uniqueness and innovative concept, there are no musicals with a similar approach in Georgia. "Theatre" combines two distinct elements: gastronomy and theater. These two aspects complement each other and together create a unique experience, which is very intriguing.

How do you balance your responsibilities as the lead singer of "Mgzavrebi" with your acting roles at "Theatre"? Have you encountered any challenges in managing these two aspects of your career?

It's not difficult to balance because I have understudies whom I know from the start will be there for me. If I am not available, they can take over the role. Therefore, there has never been a moment when these two things interfered with each other.

What is the experience of working in the Theatre, especially in such legendary shows as "Chicago" and "Mamma Mia"?

It was very interesting, especially because it was challenging to work on both, particularly "Chicago." I emphasize this because, in my view, "Chicago" is much more challenging than "Mamma Mia." It involves dancing, singing, and demanding acting skills. Therefore, working on both musicals was very stimulating.

What aspects of your musical background helped you adapt more easily to Theatre performances?

Having been on stage for 15 years, in a different role, but still, it helped me to return to the acting stage more easily. If I had done something else during those 15 years, if I had been in another field, it would have been more difficult for me to return to the stage.

How do you imagine the future of "Theatre"? What role will this unique space play in the development of Georgia's cultur?

I think the “Theatre” has already established its niche and place. I believe that over time, we will have many different successful performances, and our audience, which we already have to some extent, will continue to grow. We aim to expand our repertoire significantly.

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