The legendary musical Chicago is in Georgia. Theatre prepares to present a new show for the audience


“The 1920s, jazz, criminal Chicago, and dark stories” – these are the elements that define "Chicago," a musical classic of the genre. Its premiere is just around the corner in Georgia, Tbilisi, at "Theatre."

The official license for "Chicago" was secured by the "Tsiskvili Group" from the renowned theater company CONCORD THEATRICALS. "Chicago" is presented and sponsored by "Archi," a leading development company in Georgia that consistently supports innovative projects in culture and various other fields.

"When we learned that the world-famous and beloved musical 'Chicago' was set to be staged at 'Theatre,' we decided to become a part of this project as presenters. We are confident that, with the support of the professional teams at 'Theatre' and 'Archi,' this production will create unforgettable memories for the audience. We're delighted to collaborate with the 'Tsiskvili Group' and be co-participants in yet another innovative and successful project," says Shio Khetsuriani, General Director of "Archi."

Audiences can look forward to the premiere of "Chicago" on September 20-21. This production represents another bold endeavor by "Theatre," enabling one of the world's most famous, enduring, and beloved musicals to be performed in Georgian. Expect impressive choreography, musical compositions, captivating stories, an alluring and mysterious atmosphere, and exquisite costumes – all brought to life on the stage and set of "Theatre." It involved the dedicated work of beloved Georgian artists, musicians, and dancers.

"'Theatre' has undertaken another grand project, 'Chicago.' This musical is quite intricate, and our team of professionals invested a tremendous amount of effort into its staging. In the end, we were able to meticulously craft every detail, from the script and choreography to music, costumes, lighting, and atmosphere. We're excited for you to soon witness the fruits of our labor," says Zaal Chikobava, Artistic Director of "Theatre" and Stage Director of "Chicago."

"Chicago," a musical well-known to the Georgian audience through its screen adaptation, was first staged in 1975. It's based on Maureen Dallas Watkins' 1926 play, which delves into real crime stories and characters. The musical swiftly gained popularity and, after the USA, found its place in over 36 countries worldwide.

"Chicago" serves as a sharp satire, reflecting the culture of its era – corruption, crime, sensationalist media, and "blood." Simultaneously, it tells the story of women during the rise of jazz and the reevaluation of gender roles. Thus, "Chicago" isn't just a show leaving an indelible impression; it's also a window into the 1920s, offering parallels with the present day," says Tea Kipshidze, the author and screenwriter of the Georgian adaptation of "Chicago."

In line with the "Theatre" concept, "Chicago" is incomplete without dinner. The brand chef of the "Tsiskvili Group" designed a menu tailored specifically for this production.

"As is our practice, we strive to customize dishes for each show and production. The same holds true for 'Chicago.' I believe the musical's audience will savor unique and delectable dishes. Traditionally, we will serve guests a three-course dinner, comprising an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert," shares Alex Natadze, Brand Chef of the "Tsiskvili Group."

In addition to the thrilling performances, choreography, and music, "Chicago" captivates its audiences with vibrant and elegant costumes. The Georgian rendition of the musical is no exception.

"I paid special attention to every detail of the costumes because they are integral to the narrative and play a vital role in establishing the atmosphere. Layers of luxurious fabrics, embellishments, and shapes encapsulate the essence of the era while defining the characters' personalities and moods. However, the magic of 'Chicago' wouldn't be complete without the right lighting and set design, which are the result of the collaborative efforts of the creative team," says Lasha Jokhadze, Costume Designer for "Chicago."

"Chicago," the “Theatre’s” ambitious new production, will premiere on September 20-21 and will continue to host those eager to experience the musical. Prepare for an unforgettable spectacle and join in on this unprecedented event.

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