Mariam Roinishvili


Mariam Roinishvili has been working in the cultural field for a long time. The audience knows her as a singer, but she has also successfully adapted to the role of an actor in the theatre. Acting was not difficult for her, and he feels very comfortable on the “Theatre's” stage.

What sets the "Theatre" apart as a multi-functional space from other artistic venues where you have performed?

Everything, because those of us on stage serve a synthetic genre. If any component is lacking or not of the quality we want to present to the audience, then the whole is compromised. It's like a million missing just one cent; it ceases to be a million. It's the same with us; even a small nuance can break the integrity.

Do you know what's most important? We aim to present a unified experience to the audience, but the primary focus is the energy that flows between us and them. These exchanges of energy are so profound and vibrant that I have rarely felt anything like it in other venues.

How did your extensive experience in the musical field help you adjust to the specifics of "Theatre"?

First of all, I was born into a family deeply connected to this field. It felt almost innate, like something I was destined to do. I'm not exactly sure how I managed it, but that's another story. However, I believed that with experience, things would naturally fall into place, and I'm glad it happened at our "Theatre".

This genre has always been a dream for me, and "Chicago" has always been a dream musical. It's a tremendous honor to be part of this production. So, the family factor and the experience I gained before the age of 33 have been the most influential factors for me.

How does the preparation process for a theatrical role differ from that of a standard musical performance?

Different and very interesting. Firstly, because in a concert performance, you just put on a dress and makeup, but here, the situation is different - you directly embody the role.

I believe that no matter what role we play, there are inherent traits within each of us that we try to bring forth, whether they are good or bad.

This process is akin to sculpting because I believe Velma's eyes won't look like this, as she is a different character. I hope I don't come across as ambitious. Acting is not my profession, so it's a significant challenge for me and, at the same time, a very interesting process. If I had the opportunity, I would definitely study to become an actor.

You play the role of Velma Kelly in the musical "Chicago". Velma is a complex character with a dark past. How did you approach these aspects in your performance, and was it difficult for you to get into the role?

Actually, I became immersed in the role and never truly left it. Velma is a very intriguing and strong character, with a tough exterior. In some ways, I can relate to her. I've never displayed my weaknesses in public, much like Velma, who only shows vulnerability when she is alone.

There's a moment where she utters just two words, even in solitude: "I'm standing alone like a bride and I can't do anything." She never reveals this vulnerability in public, keeping it to herself. Her strength lies in overcoming challenges and fighting for self-preservation, living by her own rules. Velma is a fascinating character to me. As I mentioned, we share some similarities.

Can you share a memorable moment you experienced while performing Velma's iconic song and dance numbers?

Everything is memorable. The play begins with Velma, and those moments before I walk out, stand on the stage, and open my eyes to the audience bring both fear and happiness in a way. Sometimes, you don't want to leave the stage anymore because you become a part of it.

I rarely have such a feeling. Usually, I mostly run from the stage. I've often thought, "God, I wish I wasn't here right now," and I'd run away from the scenes. I haven't done this, but I often feel this way. This is the opposite; I feel very good and don't want to run away.

Therefore, from the moment I step on stage, everything becomes memorable and unforgettable. There are people around me who make me happy and with whom I feel very comfortable. When you have such people, it is a great happiness.

What new experience did you gain in the "Theatre" that you will definitely consider in the future as an artist?

I gained valuable experience, and it has strengthened my desire to perform in more musicals. It's a bit unusual for a singer like me, considering my background in opera, which offers its own unique experiences. However, the allure of musicals is undeniable, and it will continue to attract me. If directors require my presence as an actor in a musical, I will always be there with enthusiasm, joy, and love, as it brings me the greatest happiness.

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