Ana Kurtubadze


Ana Kurtubadze has extensive experience in classical theatre, and audiences know her well from the screen. Currently, Anna is an indispensable member of the "Theatre" troupe, participating in an increasing number of performances.

What made you want to become an actress, and how did you begin your career in theatre and television?

When I was little, I often accompanied my mother to the theatre. Sitting in the parterre, I was always curious about what was happening behind the scenes. However, I never had the opportunity to go backstage and witness everything firsthand. I longed to be there someday, and eventually, I found myself both behind the scenes and on stage.

My entry into the theatre was quite serendipitous. I was in my second year when Davit Doiashvili brought me into the theatre. They say that you have to be in the right place at the right time, and that's exactly what happened in my case. That's how I also ventured into television.

What makes working in "Theatre" stand out from other theatres and TV shows?

"Theatre" is a completely new phenomenon in Georgian reality. Besides the fact that the concept is novel for an actor, I can say that the experience is entirely different when you have a unique interaction with the audience and come into direct contact with them, which is not typical during performances. The space itself is also distinctive. When I performed here, it felt like I was stepping onto the stage for the first time; it was so different. It was a very exciting and novel experience.

Starring in legendary musicals like "Chicago" and "Mamma Mia" must be incredibly exciting. How do you approach these iconic roles?

"Here We Are Mamma Mia" is actually one of my favorites. This musical is what gave birth to this Theatre, and because I truly admire Meryl Streep, it was a huge responsibility for me to play a role she had portrayed.

Regarding Chicago, ever since I was a teenager, I had been collecting corsets and similar accessories because I always dreamed of playing a role like that, maybe not specifically in Chicago, but something similar. So, when I found out that Chicago was going to be staged here and that I would have a role in it, I was overjoyed.

Do you have any memorable moments or challenges you've faced while playing in these productions?

My duet with Andria Gvelesiani, in "Mamma Mia" was particularly special. It's emotionally challenging to perform. I always mention this because having a partner like Andria Gvelesiani on stage is rare. You can be a very talented actor, but if the partnership doesn't work, the scene won't be as impactful. Andria has been incredibly supportive, and whenever our scene comes up, I'm filled with unique emotions.

Regarding "Chicago," there are also many aspects of the production that are new to me and that I haven't experienced before.

What do you like most about “Theatre” performance?

As I mentioned before, it's a completely different experience when you have direct contact with people while performing. That's what I like about the live performance at "Theatre" - the interaction with people.

How have different roles affected your development as an artist and as a person?

It has been very impactful because it's entirely new. When I viewed these two plays in a different light, I understood a lot more. You are directly engaged in the process and cannot overlook things. After these two performances were staged, I realized how much knowledge I had gained and how many things had been added to my professional experience. When I perform elsewhere - in films, on television, in another theater - I add something else, something new, because I grew here.

Are there any specific skills or experiences that you feel are critical to a successful acting career?

Yes, of course. Apart from having many qualities as part of the team, the main things are patience and endurance. I'm not saying talent and workability aren't important. I'll mention talent at the end because endurance, workability, and tirelessness are more crucial than talent itself.

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