Jazz and classical music - who performs the legendary Chicago compositions in Georgia


Easy to remember, catchy, heartfelt, intimate, sometimes fiery, sometimes sad, humorous, and sarcastic - such are the compositions and lyrics of the musical "Chicago," which are difficult to forget after listening. The good news is that from now on, you will be able to see the legendary musical in Georgia as well, and therefore, you will enjoy the compositions performed in it.

"Chicago" is presented and sponsored by "Archi," a leading development company in Georgia.

"Chicago" is a new grand production of the "Theatre" of the Tsiskvili Group, which has already been presented to the Georgian audience. It has already received great acclaim from the audience, which is not surprising because "Chicago" is one of the most popular musicals in the history of world theatre. Its success was determined by the music, in addition to the unforgettable story and the iconic choreography.

The music for "Chicago" was created by composer John Kander. It is saturated with jazz elements and strongly influenced by the vaudeville genre. The musical numbers of the musical unusually express the era of the 1920s, its spirit, and mood. Equally important are the witty lyrics of the compositions, on which the lyricist Fred Ebb worked. Texts saturated with satire and black humor, in which the author skillfully plays with words, create a unique plot thread. Furthermore, they deepen the character of the characters. Tea and Soso Kipshidze worked on the text for the Georgian staging of "Chicago."

Irina Sanikidze, who skillfully made the music sound as if it were originally written in Georgian, wrote the music lyrics.

"It's not just a musical; it's a vaudeville that shows everything. The author did not write a single word in vain, and I did not expect to encounter such depth," says Tea Kipshidze.

The musical director of "Chicago" is Tamuna Archvadze, who successfully managed to make both professional and non-professional singers perform with equal success.

"Chicago" is the most challenging to perform, and surprisingly, it required a lot of work and energy. In the "theatre," we have professional singers but not actors, and on the contrary, actors but not singers. This synthesis was an even bigger challenge for me, but interesting at the same time. I think in the end, everyone had a great time. Most significantly, there are no recorded words, no soundtrack, no massive scenes, and no backing tracks. It's a live performance from beginning to end," Tamuna Archvadze told us.

The musical will be held twice a month at the "Chicago" Tsiskvili's Theatre, traditionally accompanied by a wonderful dinner.

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