The musical and unique choreographic samples


Last month, the "Theatre" space of "Tsiskvili Group" presented a new grand musical - "Chicago" to the guests. Judging by the initial evaluations, the performance received special approval, as choreographic and musical numbers, known and loved by everyone, came to life on stage.

"Chicago" is presented and sponsored by "Archi," a leading development company in Georgia.

"Chicago" was first staged on Broadway in New York in 1975, after which it toured more than 36 countries. The performance has not lost its popularity and relevance to this day, which grants "Chicago" the status of the musical with the longest history. As critics point out, such success is attributed to its plot and unique narrative. The choreography adds uniqueness to the storytelling, conveying the words, character, and inner emotional state of the characters without the need for words, elevating the performance to a whole new level.

The iconic choreography of "Chicago" was created by Bob Fosse, one of the most prominent figures in the history of American theater and a legendary choreographer and dancer today. Fosse's work is characterized by a distinctly individual style that combines elements of jazz and vaudeville genres to create a new signature unique to "Chicago."

"Jazz Hands" is the name of one of the movements established by Fosse, which involves following the jazz rhythm with widely spread fingers. The characters in the musical also frequently employ isolation techniques for different parts of their bodies, requiring a special ability to control their movements. As mentioned earlier, the choreography of "Chicago" reveals the personalities of the characters, allowing them to convey their messages while reflecting the attractiveness, charm, and strength of the main characters.

"All That Jazz," "Cell Block Tango," "Razzle Dazzle," and other well-known choreographic sequences are brought to life on the stage of “Tsiskvili's” "Theatre" by famous Georgian artists, including Mariam Roinishvili, Ana Kurtubadze, Mariko Ebralidze, Gigi Dedamlamazishvili, Andria Gvelesiani, and more. In the Georgian adaptation of "Chicago," Fosse's unique choreography is preserved, albeit with modern elements, which were incorporated by the Georgian choreographer Giorgi Toriashvili.

"You know that, in general, choreography plays a leading role in musicals. The art of movement assumes an even greater role in 'Chicago' because each element carries its own weight. Fosse's work can't simply be labeled choreography; I'd call it artistic choreography. Undoubtedly, working on it proved to be doubly responsible and challenging. My task was to preserve what is most valuable and modernize it slightly," Giorgi Toriashvili told us.

"Chicago" with its impressive choreographic and musical sequences will be presented to the audience multiple times a month. So, keep an eye on the "Theatre" poster, mark your desired date, and prepare for a unique spectacle.

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