Cabaret days commence at the Tsiskvili Group


Introducing an exciting new venture from the innovative team at "Theatre"! We're thrilled to present a series of enchanting and interactive cabaret evenings designed to infuse the city with a fresh burst of energy. This time, our concept revolves around combining a sumptuous dinner with a captivating show!

Commencing on September 29th and running four days a week, from Thursday through Sunday, the stage at multifunctional space "Theatre" will come alive with mesmerizing performances by a brilliant ensemble of artists, illusionists, singers, and dazzling dancers.

To make these cabaret evenings truly special, our talented chef, Alex Natadze of the "Tsiskvili Group," has meticulously crafted a brand-new menu. You have the flexibility to choose and savor your desired dishes either in advance or upon your arrival.

"We've taken great care to curate a unique menu for our cabaret evenings. We're confident that our diverse selection will cater to every palate. We eagerly anticipate feedback from our guests, as this endeavor represents an exciting challenge for me and my culinary team," shares Alex Natadze.

In the world of entertainment, 'cabaret' carries a French flair, signifying an enchanting venue that features a curated program of artistic and entertainment acts, including chanson songs, one-act plays, sketches, dance performances, and much more. In today's context, it's the embodiment of a restaurant with a live entertainment program, offering our guests a delightful show to complement their dinner and drinks. Soon, Georgia will have its very own Georgian-style cabaret.

"We're introducing the cabaret style to various countries, and while it's not entirely new, the cabaret entertainment genre in Georgia takes flight with the 'Theatre' of the 'Tsiskvili Group.' Our guests have the freedom to select their preferred dishes, either on-site or through advance reservations, similar to our traditional restaurant setup. Whether you're planning a fun evening with friends, marking a special birthday, or celebrating a significant event, 'Theatre' provides a versatile space for various experiences, including American musicals like the Broadway hit 'Chicago,' Georgian cultural showcases, corporate gatherings, weddings, and, starting September 29th, it's open to all, four days a week," explains Anano Tavkhelidze, Head of Marketing at the "Tsiskvili Group."

Be prepared to be captivated by enchanting jazz and dance performances from beloved musicals like 'Nine' and 'Moulin Rouge,' as well as cherished examples of French, Spanish, and Indian choreography, all brought to life by exceptional musical ensembles and talented artists. The creative team at 'Theatre' has poured their heart and soul into this show, ensuring it matches the grandeur of other productions hosted in our esteemed venue.

At 'Theatre,' we're in a constant state of evolution, always on the lookout for novelty, exceptional talent, and the latest trends. We value feedback, and it plays a pivotal role in our planning, resulting in a top-tier product. Our cabaret days are about to take center stage, and each day will bring something new and captivating. Every week promises fresh and intriguing themes. We are committed to providing a dynamic and ever-changing experience, ensuring each visit feels like a grand celebration for our cherished guests," says Zaal Chikobava, Artistic Director of the theater.

Prepare to embark on a one-of-a-kind journey that 'Theatre' promises to deliver, complete with a delectable dinner and an unforgettable show.

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