Theatre, accompanied by a delicious dinner-A new multi-functional space of the Tsiskvili Group


Imagine a classical theatre with a big red curtain. Add to this that you can enjoy the performance with dinner. A space where both are possible was created for the first time in Georgia. "Theatre" - that is what it is called.

The idea of its creation came to the "Tsiskvili Group" and, as a result of two years of work, it was able to implement the idea.

What should we expect from the "Theatre", what makes it a unique space, and what kind of experience will it provide? In this article, we will provide a detailed explanation of the unique concept behind the Tsiskvili Group's “Theatre”.

Dining Theatre, i.e. a performance with dinner

“We can confidently say that the term "Dining Theatre” appears for the first time in Georgia and, moreover, in Transcaucasia," says the artistic director of "Theatre", Zaal Chikobava.

Indeed, the term and a different concept of the theatre, “Dining Theatre”, which is well-known in the West, appeared in Georgia after the "Tsiskvili Group" created a new space - "Theatre". The big hall, which is located on Beliashvili street, is neither a classical concept theatre nor a traditional dinner hall. It is a place where you can attend a cultural event and taste delicious food at the same time.

Stage and pavilion - space for new ideas

The central part of the "Theatre" is the stage - it is the leading element both in the design and architecture of the building, also, in its content concept.

"First, we created a stage, with a classic style, curtain, and colours, around which we developed the pavilion. The stage is unchanged, it is the central part of the "Theatre", and the space outside it can be changed according to the content of the event and adapted to different themes. This means that if you see such a hall today, tomorrow you may find it completely different, the day after that it will be transformed in a new way", says Mamuka Chkhaidze, the founder of "Tsiskvili Group" and the chief architect of "Theatre".

Accordingly, the "Theatre" is arranged in such a way that all kinds of ideas, conceptions, and experiments can be implemented in its space. Here you can attend a theatrical show, ballet, or opera performance, concert, gala dinner, presentation, conference, training, festival, corporate party, wedding, birthday and witness the birth of new ideas and interesting experiments.

"Theatre" allows you to unleash all your imagination and adapt it to an event of any type, style, and genre. It is a hub for new ideas, experiments, and experience sharing. Most importantly, it is for everyone - everyone can come to us and find theatre in this space", says Zaal Chikobava.

"Theatre" is fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment, which makes it possible to host even the largest and boldest events.

Dishes as part of the show

Gastronomy in the "Theatre" is given the same importance as the pagan performance on the stage. As Alex Natadze, Brand Chef of "Tsiskvili Group" and "Theatre" told us, dishes will also be part of the show. In addition to the predetermined menu, there will also be presented one that fits the nature of the specific event, responding to its style and genre.

"If the "Tsiskvili" restaurants mostly offer traditional Georgian dishes to their guests, the "Theatre" cuisine will be a little different. Dishes created with new interpretations will also be included in its menu. "Most importantly, we will definitely maintain the high-quality of the 'Tsiskvili' restaurants, and we will surprise the guests with the 'Theatre' cuisine," says Alex Natadze.

"The theatre is already open for guests and for those who wish to hold an event in it. However, it will not be officially opened until November 25."

"The Show - we do not hesitate to call the first performance of our theatre so boldly. It will be held with the participation of Nikoloz Rachveli, Nino Ananiashvili and their ballet troupe, as well as many other outstanding representatives of the opera singing field. We cannot reveal much in advance; however, we are sure that it will be one of the most memorable evenings for the guests," says Zaal Chikobava.

Finally, as Lasha Chkhaidze, executive director of the "Tsiskvili Group", says, "Theatre" will introduce a new era in the field of art and the restaurant industry. "We believe that with the help of 'Theatre,' we will promote the birth of a new genre. Soon, this space will simultaneously become your favourite place to relax, enjoy cultural events, taste delicious dishes, or have bohemian fun," says Lasha Chkhaidze.

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