Andria Gvelesiani


Andria Gvelesiani is a well-known and beloved musician and actor, who also plays the role of an actor in the “Theatre.” Andria has his own band and they can often be heard in the "Theatre" space. How Andria Gvelesiani balances two different professions and what "Theatre" means to him, he will tell us about it himself.

Can you tell us how you got started in the music world and what inspired you to start your own band?

My path in the world of music probably started at birth. Genetics is very important, and now that I have a child, I understand it more. It was inevitable, perhaps, because all of my family sang, they were all into music, and somehow I was from childhood. However, I took my first steps thanks to my grandmother. She taught me the first two songs: "Ra Madlianad Anateb" and "O Sole Mio," a Neapolitan song.

What was the main reason for becoming a part of the "Theatre" troupe?

Great friendship and cooperation with Zaliko Chikobava, our director. I trusted him, and of course, the magical situation that I found myself in here played a big role. We started with "Mamma Mia". We still play this musical today and it still has that magic that drew me in and captivated me, for which I am very grateful.

Starring in such famous musicals as "Chicago" and "Mamma Mia" requires a combination of acting and musical skills. How did you adapt to this different concept?

I would say that I had a lot of experience with musicals before that - "The jay's wedding 1957" and so on. The musical is a genre where I combine my acting and musical skills, with the addition of dancing, which I enjoy a lot and am happiest when I am performing in a musical.

Do any of the characters in the musicals resonate with you?

Man has all kinds of character and all kinds of origins. Therefore, all characters can awaken in you. If you say that it is good, then you use it in your life. Actors are often influenced by roles, which is good, because in many cases you rediscover yourself thanks to this or that role.

As a musician and actor, how do you balance these two sides? Do you feel they influence each other?

In my case, it is not easy. It is difficult for me, as probably for all people with these two professions. It is difficult to balance both and not detract from one. However, the musical somehow helps me because it combines both, and I imagine myself as an artist only. As if both are my job and I have to do both. I'm not giving up, I'm taking it for now and I think it will continue as long as I have the energy to do so.

In addition to musicals and various performances, you often take part in a musical program with your band. What is the difference between performing in a "Theatre" space with your band and traditional concert venues?

I and my band can unanimously say that the coolest environment for us to hold a concert is in the theatre. First of all, because I personally find it very difficult to get used to any scene. Space is very important to me. Our stage is very comfortable. You have the luxury of standing on your hands, jumping with your head, etc.

The space is very big and most importantly, we have very good professionals in terms of sound, decoration, lighting, and any other aspects. In short, it's a great luxury and I'm glad we have the opportunity to do all this. We master this scene very well and we like it. So there's still a lot of planning ahead.

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