Closed events and private parties


If you haven't been to the "Theatre" yet, you must have heard about the impressive shows held in its space. It was opened a couple of months ago, but it has already managed to host a number of outstanding artists, bands, and ensembles. The space was transformed many times for these performances, which were different in genre.

Did you know that "Theatre" is a transformable space and you can organise private parties in it, since this multifunctional space is also open for closed events such as business meetings, corporate evenings, birthdays, weddings, and more?

"When we created the "Theatre", we knew that it should be open to any type of event and experiment. At the same time, we wanted everyone to be able to use our venue. That's why we dedicate the "Theatre" to various creative groups, companies, and individuals. Our team will take care to create a unique environment, "taking into account the guests' wishes, the time spent here will be remembered by them for a long time," says the Artistic Director of the “Theatre”, Zaal Chikobava.

Those wishing to hold an event in the “Theatre” will be able to choose the bands, singers, or artists they want to see at a private party. The creative and technical team of the “Theatre” will take care of staging the show and other organizational issues. The troupe of the “Theatre” under the leadership of Zaal Chikobava works daily and creates amazing musicals and productions. Screenwriters, actors, musicians, dancers, songwriters, costume designers, and many other popular and beloved people are involved in the creative process.

In addition, the space is equipped with the latest lighting and sound equipment, with the help of which it is possible to create all kinds of atmosphere in the “Theatre”. It can be arranged for both an academic concert and a DJ set.

As you know, the “Theatre” is based on the Dining Theatre concept, which means that one of the most important components of the evenings held here is dinner.

"In the “Theatre”, we care about the quality of the dishes as well as the content. Actually, dinner with us is also a part of the show. That's why we adapt the content of the event to it and offer the guests a unique experience with a combination of performance and dinner," says Alex Natadze, Brand Chef of the theatre.

In addition to the creation of outstanding dishes in the “Theatre”, the form of service is also of great importance, which is taken care of by specially trained staff under the leadership of Davit Eradze.

The multifunctional space Tsiskvili was officially presented by the “Tsiskvili Group” in November. It is the first “Dining Theatre" and, at the same time, a space designed for up to 400 guests in Georgia.

    To reserve a wedding, corporate, or private event, please contact us at 032 2 88 88 80