"Theatre" show as a gift to a dear person


We always want the perfect gift for our loved ones, but it can be challenging to find something truly unique and memorable. The “Tsiskvili Group's” multifunctional space, "Theatre," offers a distinctive experience where you can enjoy a theatre show and a delicious dinner simultaneously.

A Theatre Show with a different conception

"Dining Theatre," or performances with dinner, was a unknown conception for Georgia until now. The "Tsiskvili Group" decided to introduce this world-famous conception to Georgia and the entire Transcaucasia for the first time.

A new space named "Theatre" was created specifically for this purpose, located on Beliashvili Street. Unlike a standard theater or traditional restaurant, "Theatre" offers guests the opportunity to attend a cultural event while indulging in delicious food.

The first performance of "Theatre" The Show featured Nikoloz Rachveli, Nino Ananiashvili, and their ballet troupe, alongside other outstanding opera singers. This debut event was a sell-out success and remains one of the most memorable evenings for our guests.

Artistic director Zaal Chikobava, the troupe, and the actors dedicate significant time to prepare for each new show, ensuring that each performance is entirely unique. "Theatre" represents a new frontier in the arts, ushering in a new genre of entertainment.

A Culinary Experience on Stage

The Theatre's menu is divided into three categories: dishes specially selected for musicals and shows, a traditional varied selection from the restaurant, and a list tailored for corporate events.

Brand chef Alex Natadze and his team curate the Theatre's menu. They actively participate in planning each event to ensure that the menu aligns with the show's concept, creating a unique dining experience for each performance.

Tickets for Theatre's shows can be purchased online through our website: Teatri.ge features detailed graphics to help you navigate the space. The website includes event listings, menus tailored to each performance, and the option to choose your preferred table. When reserving a table, you can select your desired menu option.

The Perfect Gift for a Loved One

At "Theatre," you'll experience a variety of world-famous shows, as well as traditional Georgian musical and choreographic performances.

One such show is the musical "Chicago," for which the "Tsiskvili Group" has acquired the official license from the world-renowned theater company CONCORD THEATRICALS.

Based on the 1926 play by Maureen Dallas Watkins, "Chicago" reflects the real news of 20th-century America. Watkins, a crime reporter for the Chicago Tribune, used crime chronicles as inspiration for her plot.

The musical, a legendary production with over 32,500 performances and more than 32 million viewers, combines impressive performances, spectacle, clowns, marionettes, false love, and true hatred. "Chicago" has already captivated Georgian audiences thanks to the "Tsiskvili Group."

Another audience favorite is "And, here we are - Mamma Mia!" The musical promises an amazing adventure, blending drama, love, laughter, and tears against a backdrop of dance and song.

In conclusion, a theater show at "Theatre" is the ideal gift for your loved one. Explore our events, whether it's a musical, a brand-new show, a band concert, or any other performance. The entire "Theatre" team is dedicated to ensuring you have the most enjoyable experience possible, creating unforgettable memories for you and your loved ones.

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