What is Dining Theatre, i.e., a performance with dinner?


Dining Theatre, i.e., a performance with dinner, is a unique concept that harmoniously combines a live show and gastronomic culture. It is a place where guests can attend a cultural event and taste delicious food at the same time.

Dining Theatre has a long history and is popular all over the world, although a similar performance is only now taking place in Georgia. "Tsiskvili Group" is the first to introduce Dining Theatre in Georgia and throughout Transcaucasia. A new space named "Theatre" was created especially for this, which is actually not a standard theatre and is different from a traditional restaurant.

Ancient Roots of Dining Theatre

The idea of representation has its origins in ancient civilizations. A similar form of entertainment was quite popular in Greece and Rome. Celebrations were not only about satisfying hunger but also represented one of the main means of culture and entertainment. Gatherings often included musical and theatrical performances combined with the culinary extravagance of the time.

Madrigal Dinner was one such famous feast, a form of Renaissance Dinner Theatre that was held during the Christmas season at the initiative of schools and churches. The menu was divided into courses, and a traditional song was played before each course. A performance was held between the courses, and the holiday ended with a choral music concert.

Historical analogues of madrigal dinners are still popular today, but what we know as Dining Theatre began in America in the 1960s. The synergy of food and artistic performances laid the foundation for the modern concept of Dining Theatre.

The Rise of 20th Century America

Dining Theatre began to evolve in the 20th century, especially in the United States. During this period, the entertainment industry was revolutionized as Dining Theatres slowly appeared across the country. The aim of these places was to offer a holistic experience to the guest and end the dinner with live performances.

Howard Douglas Wolff was the person who developed the idea of the theatre. The "Father of Dinner Theatre" created a huge 27-theatre franchise. His concept, known as The Barn Dinner Theatre, took off in 1961. Plays were developed in New York, and then the actors traveled to different states, living on location and participating in the productions. At the beginning, actors often played the role of waiters, but later, former movie stars, TV actors, and celebrities were also involved in the performances.

The popularity of Dining Theatre was due to its multifunctionality. Audiences enjoyed a wide range of shows: classic plays, murder mysteries, live musicals, and comedies. The performances often included interactive elements, which helped to create an unforgettable experience.

Show Selection and Culinary Add-On

The performances were carefully designed for audiences with different interests. In the past, the dinner portion was often less important than the performance itself, but attitudes have changed over time. For a long time, chefs have been actively involved in the process of organizing and planning.

The performance in the Theatre is planned in such a way that balance is maintained, and the audience's attention is not focused only on the show, so as not to overshadow the dinner part.

The chefs carefully create menus that harmonize with the themes and moods of the performances. The dishes are designed to complement the theatrical atmosphere and take into account the specifics of the show and the logistics of serving the dish. Often, menus are predefined.

"Performance with Dinner" in Georgia

As we have already mentioned, the new space of Tsiskvili Group, the theatre, is unique and has no analogues in our country. The big hall is located on Beliashvili Street.

The central part of the "theatre" is, of course, the stage, and this is well expressed in the design and architecture of the building.

The architects first created the stage and developed the pavilion around it. The space outside the stage can be changed according to the content of the event and adapted to different themes. This is a very important factor because, in addition to classical performances, various shows are planned in the "theatre."

The theatre may host:

• Corporate evening
• Wedding
• Brand presentation
• Closed party
• Training/Conference
• Cabaret/Restaurant Days
• American/Georgian musical accompanied by dinner

The technical characteristics of the "theatre" are quite impressive:

The space is designed for 400 guests
• First floor - 32 pcs. 10-person table
• Mezzanine floor - 8 pcs. 10-person table

Theatre setting (conference, awards, etc.): 700 seats for guests and buffet space on two floors. Buffet and cocktail tables: 1200 guests.

In conclusion, we can safely say that Dining Theatre continues to captivate audiences around the world. It combines the best examples of gastronomy and the magic of performances. From its ancient days as part of grand celebrations to today as a unique cultural experience, Dinner Theatre is a testament to the enduring appeal of culinary excellence and artistic expression.

When the curtains go up and the sweet aroma fills the air, you immediately know it's more than just fun, and you get memories that will stay with you long after the final act.

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