We aimed to create a place that was neither a club nor a restaurant but rather something different and new


At present, they continue this important legacy and expand the "Tsiskvili Group" in various directions.

Lasha, could you tell us how it all began and how you came up with the concept for the "Theatre"?

We initiated the creation of the "Theatre" before the Covid19 pandemic. Initially, we didn't have a complete concept, but we knew we wanted something different, where the stage and the show would take center stage, although we hadn't yet reached the final idea.

Subsequently, the pandemic hit, and the "Tsiskvili Group" faced its most challenging period. Construction came to a halt, and we focused all our efforts on retaining our employees and safeguarding the existing business. Together, we managed to achieve this, and after the pandemic subsided, the project resumed. During that period, we used the time to gain a better understanding of our vision. Zaal Chikobava joined us as an art director, our brand chef Alex Natadze came on board, and our team expanded. We decided that three elements would be equally important in this "Theatre": the show, gastronomy, and service.

This concept may sound simple, but it is quite challenging to implement, both technically and commercially. It requires a significant number of people working in coordination—from the kitchen to the service team—to bring together an evening and a performance, ensuring everything goes according to plan. Currently, we are in the development phase, with a large team striving to deliver high-quality experiences in all aspects. I believe our efforts will yield positive results.

Shota, could you share why the "Theatre" was chosen?

This venture presents both challenges and exciting opportunities for our team.

20 years ago "Restaurant Tsiskvili" was the first in many directions, introducing a fresh approach to hospitality, architecture, and gastronomy. We set new standards in these areas.

I believe that a company always needs to evolve and embrace new stages.

We have already demonstrated excellence in the traditional restaurant concept, and we have successfully ventured into modern and diverse styles of gastronomy, presentation, and service.

Every new project, theatrical performance, and gastronomic discovery generates great interest. Additionally, the "Theatre" boasts a unique bar corner and signature cocktails. Everything is meticulously designed to offer guests a truly special and distinct evening.

We have ambitious plans and exciting projects on the horizon.

Otar, is "Theatre" a kind of experiment for your team?

We aspired to create a venue that defies categorization, not merely a club or a restaurant but something entirely different and innovative. The "Theatre" represents an experiment and an exhilarating adventure for our team.

"Theatre" has assembled its own troupe, a large team of chefs capable of serving up to 400 people simultaneously. We also have a technical crew of professionals responsible for sound, lighting, and stage production, and a service team of up to 70 individuals who cater to our guests. It's a captivating journey. We believe that, within a relatively short span of time, we have successfully executed significant projects, and this is just the beginning.

As Shota mentioned, we have substantial plans, projects, and fresh challenges awaiting us.

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