The stage is unchanging and main component of the theatre, the hall is constantly transforming


When you enter the "theatre," the first thing that catches your eye is the classic stage decorated with a gilded frame and large red curtains. The stage and hall may remind you of a traditional theatre or concert hall. Rightly so, because "Theatre" is both one and the other. Moreover, it can be transformed to include different functions.

The author of the idea for this multifunctional space is Mamuka Chkhaidze, the founder of "Tsiskvili Group." The architectural concept and design of the "Theatre" belong to him. "I wanted to create a space that would be suitable for any type of event, idea, and experiment. While thinking about it, I first imagined a classical stage as the centerpiece of the hall. The pavilion was only planned around it after it was designed. The stage is an unchangeable and main component of the "Theatre," and the hall is constantly transformed - it adapts to the genre of the performance and the nature of the event," says Mamuka Chkhaidze.

"Theatre" was presented to us by the "Tsiskvili Group" a couple of months ago; however, it has already hosted several large-scale events. Guests had the opportunity to listen to a symphony orchestra in its space, see excerpts from outstanding plays and musicals, attend a DJ set, or other shows of completely different genres.

"Theatre" is a space for any kind of performance. In addition, closed events such as business meetings, corporate evenings, weddings, birthdays, and others can be held here. "However, I think that with the inspiration of the stage and the pavilion, these types of evenings will be organized in a much more interesting way and will become more spectacular. This will contribute to the birth of new genres and forms," Mamuka Chkhaidze told us.

"Theatre" is based on the Dinner Theatre concept, which means that dinner will be an integral part of the events held here. It is because of this feature that the "Theatre" has no analogues in Transcaucasia.

"In the "Theatre," we have made the dishes a part of the show - they are created according to the nature and genre of each event. Therefore, gastronomy is just as important to us, and we care about its high quality, as well as the visual and content aspects of the performances held here," Mamuka Chkhaidze told us.

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