Frequently Asked Questions


What does "Dining Theatre" mean?

"Dining Theatre," is a unique concept that originated in 20th century America. It combines live performances with dining, offering guests the opportunity to enjoy a cultural event while indulging in delicious food.

What kind of menu do you have?

The Theatre's menu is divided into three sections: dishes specially selected for musicals and variety shows, a diverse selection of traditional restaurant offerings, and a list tailored for corporate/private parties.

Brand chef Alex Natadze and a team of professionals curate the Theatre's menu to align with the concept and theme of each performance. They actively participate in the event planning process to create a unique menu for each new show.

Can I choose my own meals?

When purchasing a ticket to a Theatre's performance, you can choose between a standard or vegan menu.

Is dinner included in the event ticket price?

Dinner is included in the price of the ticket for musicals. For concerts, you can purchase a ticket in advance. On cabaret days, you don't need to buy a ticket in advance, and in general, there is no entrance fee. In both cases, you can order the dishes you want separately.

Is it possible to celebrate corporate parties, weddings, and other closed events at “Theatre”, and do you have any offers?

The “Theatre” can host corporate evenings, brand presentations, weddings, training/conferences, birthdays, and other private parties.

Can you arrange it?

Yes, our team is ready to organize any type of party.

Is it planned to stage a Georgian musical?

There will definitely be a Georgian musical! Let's wait for the news.

Is it possible to see only the performance?

No. The "Theatre" hosts various types of parties, including musicals, cabaret days, and musical shows, in its multifunctional space.

Can I celebrate my birthday with you?

Yes, you can celebrate your birthday with us at Tsiskvili's Theatre.

Are you planning to tour?

In the summer of 2023, our troupe visited Kutaisi and Batumi on tour. Due to the high demand to present the musical "Chicago" in other cities of Georgia, we are currently planning our 2024 tour.

Can I join your group?

The "Theatre" gradually announces casting calls for actors, singers, and dancers. Follow our Facebook page: Theatre • Theatre, and be sure to attend when casting is announced.

How and where can I buy tickets to your events?

Tickets for "Theatre" events can be purchased at at any time. First, you need to register on our website. After completing this procedure, you can select your desired event, where you will find a virtual map to help you understand the space better and select your desired table.

    To reserve a wedding, corporate, or private event, please contact us at 032 2 88 88 80