Alex Natadze - Brand Chef of the "Theatre"


Alex Natadze, a young brand chef gifted with the ability to improvise, leads the gastronomic side of "Theatre." Alex and the team of chefs create a unique menu for each event and prepare the dishes according to the specifics of the show. Each dish becomes part of the show. That is why the brand chef and a large team of cooks are involved as much as possible in the planning of any performance. This is how the complimentary, appetizer, main course, and dessert become part of the character, style, and genre of each "Theatre" event.

How challenging was it for you to transition from traditional cooking to the experimental realm of theater and work on entirely different dishes?

I would say that it was a particularly significant and intriguing challenge. As you mentioned, it is a completely different concept, requiring us to work in a different direction. This space offers us more opportunities to experiment, which is an exciting challenge for me, and it adds a kind of magic to the whole experience. I believe we offered many new things to our guests, and we plan to offer even more in the future.

The concept of "Dining Theater" was foreign to Georgia until now. Did you expect that the audience would accept and love the "Theatre" so soon? What is the audience's response in general, and what excites you, even in personal conversations?

It combines two favorite destinations for people: gastronomy and entertainment, so I was not surprised that people received it positively. Of course, at first, there was surprise and uncertainty because dining theatre is a completely new direction for our society. That's why people looked at us with greater interest, which increased our responsibility even more. However, I believe that we successfully coped with this challenge.

How did the guests of the Theatre react to the experimental gastronomy?

Innovation is always interesting, and experiments attract people. However, what's most interesting is how well Georgian traditional flavors are incorporated into new dishes, creating a unique culinary experience for our guests.

A varied vegan menu is not available in many places in Georgia. Why did you decide to create a vegan set?

It is important to us that anyone who wants to visit can do so without hindrance, regardless of their dietary preferences. With so many people choosing a vegan lifestyle these days, we felt it was important to offer a menu that catered to them and provided the same variety of options as traditional menus do for non-vegans.

The hall is designed for up to 400 guests. How do you manage the team of cooks to effectively serve each guest?

As you mentioned, this hall is designed for a large number of guests, which means that the dishes should be distributed among the same number of people. It requires a different principle of work; however, the process is accompanied by a lot of adrenaline and is extremely interesting for both me and my team.

Is there one dish that every guest must try at a theater show?

I can't specify one dish because individual sets and dishes are created for every show. I always try to ensure that the spectacle and gastronomy complement each other, creating a synthesis where they are not separate elements but part of a whole. In Theatre, gastronomy is also a part of the show.

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