Theatre technical equipment, lighting, and machinery


The architecture and technical equipment of the Theatre are the main components that once again convince us of its individuality. Here, everything is focused on details, which is evident at first glance. It is a multifunctional space where every wall tells a story, and every guest who comes here becomes a participant in this story.

Lighting plays the most important role in the Theatre's equipment, so it is not surprising that it is meticulously planned. Modern equipment allows for the creation of various environments and situations, ranging from academic presentations to modern events.

The equipment includes scanners, washes, spots, profiles, pixel bars, as well as a projection screen, hazer, and a high-quality lighting control panel - grandMA2. The technical management and staging of all this is handled by a team of professionals.

Sound and hardware

In the Theatre, it is equally important that nothing escapes the audience's ears. Therefore, the audio systems were carefully selected to complement the hall's architecture and maximize the use of space while ensuring the distribution of audio information to all areas.

Considering the Theatre's architecture and musical concept, a suitable format, modern concert line array audio system was chosen.

The system consists of individual elements with maximum horizontal and minimum vertical dispersion, allowing for focused audio information. With the existence of the balcony in the Theatre space, a specific number of appropriately formatted loudspeakers were additionally used to ensure sound coverage in those areas. The stage is equipped with audio monitoring and sound equipment for instruments.

Have you heard that seeing is better than hearing? It's true. This is one of those cases where you should experience it yourself and fully enjoy the unique space of the Theatre.

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