Zaal Chikobava - "Artistic director of the Theatre"


The relationship between Zaal Chikobava and theatre dates back more than 30 years. It all started at the Shota Rustaveli State University of Theatre and Cinema, where Zaal Chikobava graduated from the Faculty of Acting.

Following that, he took on numerous roles on the stages of various theatres, including the State Drama Theatre named after Marjanishvili, the National Theatre named after Shota Rustaveli, the State Drama Theatre named after Kote Marjanishvili, and many others. He has directed various creative evenings, served as the artistic director of state events, and more.

Today, Zaal Chikobava serves as the artistic director of the unique space, "Theatre," within the "Tsiskvili Group." In a short period, "Theatre" has successfully introduced the concept of "Dining Theatre," which was previously foreign to the Georgian audience. Under Zaal Chikobava's guidance, "Theatre" has hosted various events, including the musicals "Chicago" and "Mamma Mia," as well as cabaret shows, among others.

You've spent many years working in classical theatre, playing both actor and director roles. How has the "theatre" experience, with its unique concept, enriched you both as an artist and as a person?

It's been a truly unique and enriching experience. Working in "Theatre" has added a whole new dimension to my artistic and personal growth. Unlike traditional theatre, the concept of dinner theatre incorporates three interconnected stages: service, gastronomy, and show. At "Theatre," these elements come together to create a cohesive and immersive experience for our guests. This innovative approach has made a significant impact on me as an artist. Working alongside a team of dedicated professionals has been incredibly rewarding and has further fueled my passion for the arts.

The concept of "Dining Theatre" was new to Georgia until now. Did you anticipate such a quick and positive reception from the audience for the "theatre"? What has been the general response from the audience, and what aspects of their feedback, even in personal conversations, have excited you the most?

We can safely say that the term "Dining Theatre" appeared for the first time in Georgia, and moreover, in Transcaucasia. Considering how important art and gastronomy are to the Georgian people, and how we value them, I was not surprised by the positive reception and love for our "Theatre".

"Theatre" has been operating for a year already. How would you evaluate this period? Have your expectations been met?

It was quite a busy year, full of news and new experiences. During this time, we learned a lot and developed a lot. A new job is always accompanied by anxiety, especially when it is such a large-scale and innovative project, but I knew that in the end, the expectations I had would be met, and indeed they were. I think it was a very good year; we started well, and I am sure we will continue even better.

"Theatre" space is not only intended for shows but also hosts many closed parties. In your opinion, what attracts guests to the "Theatre," and why do they still choose this space to hold various events?

"Theatre" is arranged in such a way that all kinds of ideas, concepts, and experiments can be implemented in its space. The stage and the kitchen are so perfectly combined and complement each other that it is impossible to leave one indifferent. Guests recognize this, which is why it's interesting and attractive for them to spend time here and organize various events in our space.

How do you imagine the next year, and what are the future plans for the theatre?

The plans are very ambitious and numerous. Time will reveal everything. I don't like to speak prematurely, but I am confident that there are even greater challenges, grand ideas, and exciting news ahead.

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